Refunds / Cancellation

United Exhibitions (henceforth Organizer) reserves the right to refuse/cancel application for registration to visit Hyderabad International Jewellery Fair (Event). If the Organizer refuse an application for registration, registrants will NOT be offered a refund since the registrant agrees to the terms and conditions before submitting the application for registration.

Event Cancellation by the Organizer:

The Organizer reserves the right to cancel an event due to force majeure and not conducive to organize the Event. If the Organizer cancels an event, registrants will be offered a full refund or carry forward the same registration to next edition of the Event in new dates as the Organizer decide in the Organizing Committee Meeting. If still the registrant wants the refund, the registrant should contact the Organizer at

Registration Cancellation by the Registrant:

Once registered the registrant cannot cancel or transfer the application for the said Event. In case of cancellation NO refund will be issued.

These above policies apply to the Event unless otherwise noted in the corresponding event materials. Please read all individual event information thoroughly.